Stacey Davidson

. . . First-rate drama . . . is about characters who do not know as much about themselves as the audience does. - Stephen Sondheim

Nearly every figure you see depicted in my paintings is a sculpture I have made. I use these poseable figures/dolls as my actors. The canvas or paper becomes the stage; its edges, the proscenium. The device described above is what makes much of my work tick: you know more than the character pictured, you see it, but he or she does not. Delusion, foibles, and weaknesses are among my primary concerns, along with our beauty, our vulnerability, our smallness (no matter how big we are in our own minds).

The paint itself is the other draw - both its incredible mimetic power, and its power to embody forces when released from its descriptive function. What drives my work is that moment when paint turns into a presence looking back at me. This mystery never fails to astonish me. Although I have experimented with sculpture, installation, performance and animation, I am most deeply at home with paint. A doll can only be a piece of something larger, a means for projection, dead material; a painting is a whole living system.